Delectable dining meets contemporary chic at The Dining Edition. Here, diners enjoy professionally-served selection of cuisine from around the world in a trendy, upmarket setting characteristics of Marina Square.

The Dining Edition goes beyond shops, restaurants, bistros and delis, by taking Marina Square’s attractive culinary offerings one notch above. Perfect for business meetings or simply catching up with friends. The Dining Edition is the place to be seen in and enjoy good company.

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4FINGERS Crispy Chicken @ The Dining Edition
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At 4FINGERS, we're nuts about chicken. So when we discovered the best Asian crispy chicken in New York City's grungy subway scene, we knew we had to share it. And so began the revolution of crispy chicken. Spicy, crispy, unique and downright addictive - it's chicken that's so bad, it's good. And there are thousands who would agree with us.
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Whether it's a giant pack of potato chips or a cup of refreshing Big Gulp or Slurpee, 7-Eleven is the place to go, even at three in the morning. They're the reliable, 24/7 convenience store that offers the widest range of ready-to-go, hot meals and QuickBites foods like fish balls, curry puffs, fried wanton and the ever-popular mashed potato and nachos. What's more, 7-Eleven offers convenient services such as Cashcard, Autopass and EZ-Link card top-ups and bill payments.
Bangkok Jam @ The Dining Edition
6338 6632

Bangkok Jam is a modern Thai bistro conveying the pulse and energy of Asia's City of Angels, better known as Bangkok. Coupling a contemporary take on Thai cuisine and an interior regaled with Bangkok iconography and graphic art, Bangkok Jam immerses guests in the experience of dining in the very heart of Bangkok. Savour a multi-varied selection of both authentic Thai favourites and modern creations including Tom Yum Talay (Red Tom Yum Soup), Deep-fried Green Papaya Salad and Crayfish Spaghetti with Garlic.
Ma Mère Boulangerie @ The Dining Edition
6268 8728

Ma Mère Boulangerie uses the finest homemade and imported ingredients to create French and Japanese-inspired artisanal bread and pastries. Baked daily, its offerings are of the highest quality and contain no preservatives.Come savour the delectable taste and flavour of Ma Mère Boulangerie's specialties, perfect over a cup of hearty coffee or tea.
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ The Dining Edition
6338 9674

With its milestone 50th anniversary in 2013, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® continues its longstanding tradition of offering customers the finest premium coffees and hand-selected teas from around the world. Born and brewed in Southern California since 1963, the country's oldest and largest coffee retailer now includes more than 900 company-owned and franchised stores in 28 countries, with more than 100 million coffee and tea drinks sold each year.
The Manhattan FISH MARKET @ The Dining Edition
6338 8116

Inspired by the finest seafood restaurants found along Fulton Street in Manhattan, The Manhattan FISH MARKET serves you only the freshest, lip-smacking American-style seafood where only the highest quality seafood is served; and by offering innovation and variety in our menu with an unforgettable dining experience all the time.
Yechun Xiao Jiang Nan @ The Dining Edition
6333 4038

Yechun Xiao Jiang Nan is specialized in Jiang Nan cuisine as the name suggests, as well as Lanzhou Ramen (hand-pulled noodles). It is also the first and only Chinese restaurant that offers healthy multi-grain food in Singapore. The interior design of the restaurant is Jiang Nan style with an open kitchen, where guests could see how the Ramen and the Shanshui beancurd are made in house. Yechun Xiao Jiang Nan believes in serving guests with heartily delicious food and heartily sincere service, in the hope to bring a green and healthy dining experience to all diners.