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Samsonite was created in 1910 by entrepreneurial Colorado native Jesse Shwayder, and was first called the Shwayder Trunk Manufacturing Company. Shwayder quickly recognised the financial opportunities in the growing luggage market due to the 'Gold Rush', which saw more and more people travelling from coast to coast to seek their fortunes. Samsonite is renowned for a number of ground breaking innovations. These include the 1969 launch of the first ever polypropylene case named Saturn with injection-moulded shells. This revolutionary design later became the most widely accepted way to produce modern hardside luggage. In 1974 the world's first Samsonite suitcase on wheels named Silhouette was introduced. Then in 2008 the launch of the world's lightest and strongest, award winning luggage range, Cosmolite, famous for its Curv® technology. Today, Samsonite offers its customers hundreds of product lines in 55 countries in EMEA and in over 120 countries across the world.