Picxel it
Our families enjoyed creating their Picxels so much, that we decided to turn it into a company to spread the joy around the world. Our vision is to combine a wonderful team-building experience with everlasting personalized art. For family & friends, creating a Picxel is a fun, collaborative and bonding activity with the unparalleled reward of seeing your very own unique picture come to life, picxel by picxel. For the introverts among us, it’s great therapy tuning into your zone to turn your pile of picxels into your own gorgeous piece of art. From the moment your customers select their image, to the excitement of receiving their unique Picxel kit in minutes, the fun has just begun. They take it home and build their Picxel with friends or family. The joy continues as they hang their gorgeous piece of art on their wall as an everlasting memory.